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Just an average guy with an ear for music and an eye for art. Glad just to yak if you want
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I just returned from what i thought love should be, in a place where I shouldn't have been.
  Where I'm at i don't want to be, It's loveless, lonely and grim, 
I gave up what i always seeked, to fulfill my duties to another
  I miss my soul mate, my honey, I miss my lover.
Where Do I Go From Here?


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Life is short and it's time to move on
  Now that our love is gone
It was a storm of emotions that we went thru
  But now there's no more grief or being blue
We'll finally have given our love a rest 
   And we'll find a new love to put to test.
And though we had words I'll never forget
   I still won't regret that we ever met.
I will miss you.

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I am gross and perverted
I'm obsessed and deranged
I've existed for years
but very little has changed
I am the tool of the government
and industry too
for I am destined to rule
and regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
but you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious
with the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozing out
from your TV set

you will obey me while i lead you
and eat the garbage that I feed you
until the day that we don't need you
don't go for help...no one will heed you

your mind is totally controlled
and has been stuffed into my mold
and you will do as you are told
untill the rights to you are sold

that's right folks...don't touch that dial

We'll I am the slime from your video
oozin' along your living room floor 
can't stop the slime,
people look at me go.

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Yesterday she left me
  She lied and broke my heart
Today she has someone else
  my hearts torn apart
Will I ever forgive her
  Will she ever come home
Have i lost her forever
  And be all alone
Will she say she's sorry
  And she loves me so
I don't think its going to happen
  I just have to let go 


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Here i sit all alone Waiting to hear from you on my phone Here at the bar I'm drinken my wicky I feel my fingers they gettin all sticky My face is starting to get really numb So I do a another shot of some butter rum The pain I feel starts to fade away Till I wake up drunk the next day So I think I'll have to start all over again To stop that hurt that's comin in so I know I'll never see you no more but if you need to find me, I'll be here on the floor. Modified by JackEpsn1 Modified by JackEpsn1

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From the time you were my friend
Till the time it had to end
Your laughter was so unique
Your smile was bright and sweet
Your hands felt warm and soft
Your skin like silk in the sheets
I can still smell you in my clothes
I can still see you in my dreams
Your warmth in my heart
Your kiss on my lips
I remember your hair
Rubbing your feet
Honey, when you were mad
Please understand
All those times I couldn't leave
My heart was on my sleeve

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