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hey im Katelyn but everyone calls me Katie. I love to write, i been writing sine i was 5. I started after my dad die, That how i got over my dad I just put all me feeling and life on paper.
i will tell u more when i have time

I wonder what its like to be loved by you -Mcfly

The pain is stabbing me heart
and tearing me apart
Do You Love Me Or The Girl Next Door??

Love might be lifeĀ 
The world might be half bright
most people might follow lies
but getting hurt is a crime


How come you have enough time to
go out and make other people fall in love with you
but you don't have enough time to pay attention to
the one who already dose

Its been 10 years sine my dad past on
It feel like it was yesterday when The man walked up to are door with the bad news
Its been 10 years of crying myself asleep every night
waiting to wake up from this nightmare
Its been 10 years blaming myself for what happen
to my dad that late night
Its Been 10 years wishing to hear him one more time
so i can have just memory of him


This Is About Me & My Best Friend Kristie

She Sit On The Floor Writing
Her Thought,
Her Anger,
Her Headaches,
Her Heart Breaks, On Her Wall
Letting Everything Out
and I Will Be Next To Her Ever Min Of Every Day
Helping Her Up When She Down
I Will Be Her Shoulder To Cry On
Like She Been Mine


She Thought Her World Was Perfect
Until One Girl Came Into The Picture
That Would Change Her Life Forever

You learn to like someone when you fine out what makes them laugh but you can never truly love someone untill you fine out what makes them CRY!
Make-Up Is Just Another Way To Hide The Pain In Our Face


I'm Sick Of Crying I'm Sick Of Trying Yeah I'm Smiling But Inside I'm Dying

It Dosent Hurt To Dream, It Hurt More To Wake Up
So Tell Me. When Was The Last Time You Walked The Street Completely Happy With The World

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