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Ok I’m dating this guy (Allan) that I’m truly in love with, but there also this other guy (Andrew) that I really find very attractive and nice. Before I started dating Allan I knew that I liked Andrew so I’ve have to chose between them, but now I think I’ve made the wrong choice.Every time I’m with Allan I can't think of being with Andrew, but when I’m with Andrew I want to break it off with Allan because I think I like Andrew more. I've done the pros and cons list but they’ve got the same amount of pros as cons. Also when I’m with Allan it seems like its all sexual things that we want to do, I’ve talked to him about it and we both agreed that we don't want our relationship to b all sexual. But we can't even go one weekend without doing something. With Andrew I know it wouldn't b sexual, he's so cute and funny and he's always got something to talk about so I’m never bored... I'M SO LOST!! I don't want to hurt Allan if I break up with him and date Andrew, but I also don't want to make a big mistake...Anyone have any ideas? I need sum badly...
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