looking for that one person
who will be there in the morning. Think about all day and will be the last person i see before i fall asleep.

um.. but on a more serious note.... fav tv show is how i met your mother... fav cartoon is family guy.. like playing piano and guitar.. like having fun and driving around...mini golf..shooting pool...having a few drinks the odd time... lots of stuff...
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I lay alone and close my eyes, wishing you were by my side
And all that my mind can see is you.

I open my eyes and look up high, and hope you realize that I’ve cried
All these tears, they were for you.


All the broken dreams collide


And all these feeling I wish would hide



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..We are faced with the very gravest of challanges.  The bible calls this day Armageddon;  The end of all things.
And yet, for the first time in the history of the planet, a species has the technology to prevent its own extinction.
All of you praying with us need to know that everything that can be done to prevent this disaster is being called
into service.  The human thirst for excellence, and knowledge, every step up the ladder of science, every adventerous
reach into space, all of our combined modern technologies and imaginations, even the wars that we fought have provided
us the tools to wage this terrible battle.  Through all the chaos that is our history.  Through all of the wrong and the dis-
chord, through all of the pain and suffering, through all of our times. There is one thing that has nourished our souls
and elevated our species above its origin and that is our COURAGE.  Dreams of an entire planet are focused tonight
on those fourteen brave souls travelling in to the heavens.  And may we all citizens of the world over, see these events
through.  God speed, and good luck to you.

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When I woke up this morning
I never knew the day would be boring.
And without you in my site,
It's lonliness, that I just can't fight.

I can't fight this feeling, that I've hid for too long.
It just won't leave, and it just feels too wrong.
I know you'd say that you do,
And I hope that it's really true.......but

I'm scared that you don't love me,
and scared that you'd never want to be.
Please tell me--honestly--that you really do,
and assure me that you really want to.

I really love you and I'd never leave your side.
Because you make my world seem long and wide.
It makes me happy, and makes me feel good.
But on the inside, my heart feels of raw wood.

Scared. Sad. And worried that your going to leave.
So make me complete and make me believe
That you'll always be there and always be true.
.................................................. .
You didn't say you love me, but I hope that you do.


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you look as sweet as your poetry sounds
it's you...that sticks out of all that surrounds
like a white rose..amongst a dozen red
your image..stuck in my head...it's imbed
eyes..will not let go..can't seem to escape
they've stuck, just like black electrical tape
why would boys..treat you like shit
your so pretty... who wouldn't want to commit?
I'm tellin you right now..you seem legit
never look like you'd throw a fit
I'am only one..in your remiss
so I'm already gone, just like your first kiss 

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I thought I found the road to somewhere.
It soon turned out, it led me to nowhere.
I can't escape this place, and it's full of pain.
It's like I'm stuck and I'm going down a drain.
I can only hold so long; my breath.
Before I choke and face my death.
So hold me now, before I'm gone.
Mine is yours in memory; drawn. 

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Times in lengths and feelings in depths, Nothing will change me, but only you. I'am helpless in this world, of pain and remorse. But I have none no more, because I've met you. I'am lost in this thought, and lost in this phase. I almost forgot, I've only known you for days. So much I want to say, and so much I want to do. But you don't have to stay, if you really don't want to. I don't want to change you, and I don't want to change me. It's what you have inside that counts and it's all I need to set me free. There isn't anyone that I'd rather have, than you in this place, Because I want to look, into your eyes, and touch your sweet face. Fill the emptiness of your hands with mine, And make our fingers connect, and intertwine. And from the moment I seen your smile, in my direction I saw a light, bright and full of beauty-a reflection. You were staring at me, and I was staring at you And from then I started caring, but I wondered if this was all true. You have no idea, how I feel. I wish you did, so just give me a sign. And say anything. Cause all I want to do is just give you my time.
Written by Rialb_327
Submitted by Rialb_327

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