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I like to sing at my chorus and on stage, I love cats, I play the violin, and I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
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I see you face in a shimmering light
That makes your face glow in the darkest night
My heart is beating louder like I was holding my breath
I wasn’t sure if I was close to me death
It was the way you look, so magnificent and determine
I have to look away or I would faint from your perfection,
But I couldn’t. Your eyes is what making me refuse to look away
Even though your eyes are like mine in every way,
But your eyes is what cause my heart to freeze
And yes it’s true because I can no longer hear it beat
I get so weak even though I am strong
When you reveal your body I can’t hold my balance for long
Sometime I wish that u would stop staring into my eyes
Because I struggle not to pass out in front of your eyes
But I remember I did that, and I was in your arms
I fainted when you dazzled me by your charms
And when u kissed me I could hear heavenly bell ring
Oh my sweetest angel with your glorious wing
Fly back to the heaven, oh hurry please
And thank you for everything, now your heart and spirit is within me

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What is this thing you call a kiss?
That causes your heart to skip a beat, or effects the way you breathe
How is it that a human contact from the lips...
can cause you to feel warm and deep?
Is it possible to have this reaction in the stomach you call butterfly?
Is it simply possible for two hearts to change into one rythmic pattern?
This passionate feelings you imply...
is this what you call, if I am certain,
love?... To have someone close to you.
To be held in their arms, like you do not want that moment to end
How does that person makes you feel new?
How does that person makes you feel alive again?

How is it that your heart burns with intimacy?
Is it because that there is something that lays within their eyes
that you and only you can see?
That there is something special in their eyes,
but you can or can not explain it. 
You know that there is something in ther soul,
whether it is something beautiful or you can not comprehind it,
but you know that there is something special that made you feel complete...that made you feel whole. 

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Everytime I look at this person I get hypnotized

For once, I left the world and enter into this wonderful dream

In my dream I see something more beautiful

more beautiful than life

I never want  leave that place

For once, I feel free to be myself

To escape society,

where most of my problems are effecting me

This place was something that I want be in, forever

until I realized something that I've now notice

That particular place, was this person's vision

I have actually seen what he sees, through his eyes

Or, at least, that's what I believe

That this person was my dream,

my love, my special friend who made me feel that way

My version of what makes my dream so beautiful

What makes my world so beautiful

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Please! hear my cry, and listen to my heart
I am dyeing, I am suffering
As my heart continues to shred a part
And my soul is fadding

Why must you continued to torcher me?
Untile I no longer live
I am dyeing, I am suffering
Why can't you show me mercy?

I loved you, I needed you
yet you turned a way
Like you didn't loved me too
Like you wanted me to stay a way

As you continued killing me
until I see my death
Well you got your wish babe
cause this is my last breath

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