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I love him, he loves her. I grieve for him every night, then i convince myself i'm okay, i see him with her and my world falls to pieces. I still love him- a lot
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Look in the mirror, force a smile Heaven knows, it's been a while You're my one true love, and always will be Put your hand on your heart, can't you hear me? I was so stupid, losing you back then I long for your kiss, your touch once again But your HER hero, you kiss her good night Please hold me through the winter, and hug me so tight I know you two are meant to be together Hand in hand, forever and ever But just take the time, to look at me Look deep in my eyes, and you will see I loved you once, i loved you still I always have, and i ALWAYS will I can be all brave. You may think i'm strong, but the truth is, whenever i see you with her, my world i spent so long building up, falls to pieces. ILoveYouCameron xxx

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Okay, so basically i had this boyfriend, we went out for about 8 months and i have to say, it was the most amazing period of my life. Then after 8 months, i finished it, i still can't think why i did it, anyway, he started dating this other girl, and they've been going out for about 9 months. And since then i've had 2 boyfriends, one which i'm currently dating :S and i'm starting to realise, i still have feelings for my first boyfriend i've never been as happy as i was then. But i have to accept, i threw it all awy, he loves her :(

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