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Since day one I saw the fire in your eyes This fire showed me all your passion The fire that would build up against all the lies You said that what we have was never your intention Before oh eight twenty-seven eleven you said you Would never fall for any girl we'll I've got news for you You fell like a line of dominoes and you took me down too The moments we spent will never just be memories Because everyday you show me new and special Ways to show me your down for me with such ease Your my romeo and I'm your juliet together we are another Great love story that is all our own me and you Together forever until the fire in our eyes no longer Glow with the passion we have for eachother

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It was last year at my cuzins party I see a fight between two guys one is taken outside nd I confront him, " wtf are you doing don't disrespect my aunties house you low life." "You don't even know what that was about stay out of it don't worry your pretty little brainless head" this dude was seriously talking to me like this. "You ignorant asshole don't you dare underestimate me and you know what gtfo of here!" I walk in the party and talk to my friend tati who's in from cali we talk and talk until I'll the sun comes up. Days later I get a text from tati "REMEMBER THAT ASSHOLE FROM THE PARTY" -YEAH WHY? " HE'S MY BROTHER AND HE THINKS YOUR AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL" - WELL HE'S AN ASS this lasted for weeks he wudnt let up until. I decided to go on a date with him out to dinner. When I met up with him he had his long hair tied back and dressed casual but sexy. We talked about everything and anything and we had so much in commonhe made me smile the entire night . We would text everyday and then I found out about him being a gangster. I accepted it because I knew he was different later on he asked me to be his official girl and I felt butterflies and said yes! Since then we were inseperable until he got locked up and now I'm waiting for him to get out. He's changed so much already and its all for me. He loves me and I love him he knows I'm his ride or die and he's very happy about that now he's getting his GED and I couldn't be prouder of him he's the one who made me laugh on a blue day he wiped away my tears wen id cry and he has shown me what love really is and that he will be by my side till the the end.