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I see you there, laying in bed, staring straight into my eyes, directly at my soul. I see you biting your lips, it’s a signal of your desire for me. I walk over and bend down to kiss you, our lips entwined. My hands wander around, stroking your breasts and making their way down to your pussy. I start rubbing in a circular motion, only to hear your slight moan. I stop and look at you. I can see it in your eyes, you want more of it. I kiss your neck, then your chest, to your stomach..Once I reach your panties, I’ll bite them and tug them off. I look up and see your face so eager for more. I give it a lick and see you shiver a bit. I continue and begin swirling my tongue against your clit. And then I stop, seeing that you began moving your body to my tongue. Your clit is dripping with juice and I take one final lick to clean it up. I pull out my cock, climb on top of you, and insert it slowly. You wrap your legs around my back as I thrust in and out....I hear your panting and I stop for a second and you whispered in my ear “more…” I started back up again, slowly, but increasingly faster and deeper. I could hear your moaning over the throbbing of my beating heart. Beads of sweat drip down from your face. We both sense a feeling of euphoria, your mouth gaping open and we both climax. And there we are, laying together, panting hard, Sleeping the rest of the night away until the sun greets us with sun rays...

Tears, Sadness, Pain ,these emotions i can't explain.A broken heart torn apart ,I should have seen this from the start, i'm broken and lost, can't stop these tears from flowing down... My heart never knew loneliness until you went away.If i could tell my part what to feel, i would  tell it to feel anger, hate and disgust, but its impossible, all i feel is love,hurt and pain.My heart literally hurts, my chest is in pain.Life without you will never be the same. I miss you. I think about you when I’m alone, I cry in the shower, I can’t get your smile out of my head. It hurts so much when I know I can’t talk to you, can’t see you, can’t hold you, can’t be with you. I don’t know what to do baby I love you and all I want is for us to be one. Why does no one understand this, why must things be so hard. I don’t want to be without you, not now, not ever. Why is there nothing we can do to be together when I need you most. You broke my heart and left me here alone to pick up the pieces. Ever since you said goodbye, nothing has been put back together…Every where I go, there are memories of you which turn into thoughts that become tears I cry. I miss you so much and I don’t want to say goodbye..I always say that I cannot imagine a day without you…Now, I don’t have to imagine it because I am going through that situation…I used to be strong and happy that you are with me,but now without you,I don’t know what am I going to do…cause I’m so lost without you…

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Sometimes in life when you fall in love you find out that the person you were in love with just wasn't what you thought at all. It's just weird, you know, when you have a picture of how something's gonna be, and it turns out completely different. As I sit awake and in the middle of the night, I'm thinking of all the things I should have write before i said my goodbye and maybe, just maybe, you'd still be here. This is what we should remain,we could have build our own crowd to show them how much we are proud what nature offers per ounce can only happen no more than once. We will not feel it all over again and i am so tired of enduring this pain. I know that we both hurt , but I can't turn around what my heart decide for resolve.  If I could turn the sea into ground, I would drop every pound.  I will never denied the fact I was in love, a part of me say good bye after cooking up by all your lies it's burn, it's ache and it's hurt , when everyday I am awake to think about knowing you was a Mistake . And like i always said to you no matter what happen now and no matter how I'm feeling now i will always love you. And your memories would stay in my minds forever.......i still love you......good night and have a beautiful life an as usually i will always pray for was nice to be with you......

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love is a chapter in a guy's life, but to a girl it's the whole book. 1 you smile every time you hear his/her names. 2 you blush and get butterflies whenever he/she near by. 3 you always says you are going to talk to her/him, but when there's a chance you hide behind your friend. i shouldn't want you like this. 4 you can't think of nothing but her/him. 5 it takes a lot of courage to text or to call him/her. 6 you always shy around him/her. 7 your every thought leads to her/him. 8 you don't know if you can trust them, only because you are afraid to loose them . you make me fall in love all over again every time we were given 2 hands to hold, 2 legs to walk. 2 eyes too see 2 ears to listen but why only one heart? because the other one was given to someone for us to find. you have only one life to live so live it to the max. and deep down i can't live without you. don't worry bout getting hurt, it's a risk you have to take to find the one guy or girl that won't hurt you. don't worry bout what other people says bout you be happy with yourself, they just jealous =]..lolz...most of all live each minute like it's your last & it's that first kiss that makes it so special. if you love someone tell them because you may not get another chance. never make someone your everything because when they are gone you'll be left with nothing. you never know when you are making memories and i'd give up. you will have your heart broken more than once and it's get harder every time . if you love someone tell them because if you don't, they will find someone who will. he's scared, scared he's going to loose her. scared if you do something wrong to that person that, that person would want to leave. you scared because you don't want that person to find someone better than you. you scared because you finally realised how much that person will means to you. if it's meant to be it will happen. real love never have happy endings because real love stories never end. heart are often broken by words left unspoken. a boy and a girl can be friend but at some point in their friendship they will feel more than that towards each other, but are too afraid of ruining their friendship to tell each other. have you ever woken up and realised the one you let go is your prince/princess. but his or her move and has his or her own princess or prince now.......have you ever

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LAST NIGHT I FELT ASLEEP LITSENNING OUR SONG ON REPEAT AND EVERY MOMENT..EVERY WORDS.. EVERY TIME IT PLAYED THERE WASN'T A MINUTES THAT I COULD STOP KEEP MY MIND OFF YOU...YOUR LOVE IS IN MY HEART AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOR YOU HAVE SHOW ME LOVE,SHOW LIFE YOU GIVE ME THE REASON TO WAKE UP EACH AND EVERY DAY. I love the way you look at me,Your eyes so bright and blue.I love the way you kiss me,Your lips so soft and smooth.I love the way you make me so happy,And the ways you show you care.I love the way you say, "I Love You,"And the way you're always there.
I love the way you touch me,Always sending chills down my spine.I love that you are with me,And glad that you are mine

When I look at you I see the beauty that you try to hide deep down inside You keep it lock up because you don't want anybody to see Because your afraid that they might not see what you see a Beautiful queen.Well I say you should let it out so the world can see this Beautiful queen.And if someone was to say something then they don't know what Beauty mean or just mad because your beauty is more beautiful than what they Ever seen.You are as beautiful as a clear blue nights sky,You are as amazing as the way a stone tipples the sea,You are as unique as a perfect diamond, such beauty like Yours is impossible to find,you are as beautiful as the sunset you like a beautiful butterfly you caught in a net that i  don’t want to hurt you because i don’t want to lose you.. you are  so magnificent you are such a beautiful specimen you put her in a safe place such as your heart.. you just wanna admire the beautiful art that god desired to make You are my beautiful,I couldn't imagine my world without a angel like you I will love you for a lifetime.I am truly in LOVE with YOU

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Is it love,when I spend all day thinking about you tell me it's lovwhen all i can do is cry cause I know I cant have you

it must be love.remember all the good times we had....Can it possibly be love When i get happy everyday you talk to me...Let it be love

When I feel like you're the only for me,Will it be love,When it to just be a friend..Can it be love,When I pretend that you have no place in my heart...Is is still love,When you are with someone else..I pray every day that what I feel fr you is love, no matter what in my heart ....I feel THIS IS LOVE! the true meaning of love, when I cry my self to sleep and think of you

constantly.the true meaning of love, when I am willing to let you for your personal,happiness

Seeing you happy makes me happy...Is that love! Forever emotionally attached to you, for being my first love, I hope its love.I THINK IT IS LOVE!!! ..idk but i still love you no matter what...your

memories will stay in my heart forever

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You hurt me once and I won't let you again,You tore my heart out by the seams....I cried too many tears for you.I spent too many hours awake because of you...I felt used, I felt betrayed,I felt worthless.I felt like I just couldn't make you happy.Didn't I give you my all? Didn't I give you enough respect?I gave you my heart and you broke it..I gave you my trust and you threw it away...For some reason I still Love you,NEVER again will you hurt me that way

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Women in general they don't need love, they need Affection.
For all the girls out there this is my question !
I would love to ask... Is it me?? Or is it this generation for who we are today
for us acting this way or is it just human being period.,
I'm a man myself, when I speak my words follow me, when you hear me you have to understand me people said actions speaks louder than words but my action is my words..There's a lot of beautiful things in this world that people lean on
for example: beautiful women, handsome men, cars, clothes..etc....
Oh yes,Honestly that's beautiful to have all this things.
Can you imagine when a women says that they need something,
they want to get it their way or its the highway.
to receive it you have to be a women.
My women.For those who love themselves you have to know that life ain't easy.
life is a sport that's why individually for you to be on that sport you have to become the sport.
ain't nobody in life that somebody that become somebody that connect with someone that become one..

The defoundation of "needs" is a women that deserve needs.
It's start from suffering to understand the offer of life...
when me and you step in the ring why do you complain?
But I'm addressing to the world ,I'm a call I.d....
love is like a picture that you put on a cover,
but a womens needs is like the oceans when the sun comes up..
what goes up must come down..
how come you never around when I need needs...
is it true that my words is speechless or it's just my way of talking...
God created man and he give us the authority to procraph our needs,
when love was exist before us between man and women that's why we know,
but we don't enter into the solution from the man above into the most highest
we still exist in that for the end of time until we grow old together!
one love in hope we get the solution for does who understand .

©copyright Cherry Da Lyrical Enforcer

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I heard someone whisper your name, but when I turned around to see who it was, I was alone. Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you...I broke down and started to cry like a baby, and think about all the good & the bad times we had together..nothing hurts more then waiting since I don't even know what i'm waiting for left me with the pain of a million cuts, I have cried so much my tears have a made a pool full. The bed we once slept in is now cold and empty. My eyes are so full of grief I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror,I will always love you. maybe that's why I can't get over you.I miss you so much Sweet Buch..I miss your love I miss your touch, But I'm feeling you everyday. I am waiting and hoping and wishing for the time, when we can be together again! I Miss You!..Remember the times when we were together and now  it's only me now with a pain I can't resist, all alone in palces where we used to be,loneliness  feel baby every part of me,.I wonder will I ever get the image of you walking out the door out of my head..if tear could build a stairway and memories were a lane we would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again..ur memory is my keepsake with which i"ll never part.God has you in his keepin and i have you in mmy heart forever Happy Birthday Sweet Buch

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I never really know how you feel I can't read your mind I just keep waiting ... Take me to your heart Show me where to start Let me play the part of your first love. Oh, I know down deep you love me But are you ever gonna love me The way I love you?

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