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the anterior Nrna.jiis of three com- pirtio.nu of the anterior coluana is which the luojitojinal filir«» of tbv curd am atiowa in Inureru aoction ; t, t, larc radiated and nuclmtol cell in tho grey lubiUnw of Hie aoUrwr eorno- with three, otbera with a grnaUr nualier of pr-msou uoanat ng fn« them : »o direct emuauntcali n U abswa between the»o proeeuai and tho nerre fibt«» of the roj.The fibre of

the jyfttrior rvoU on reaching the posterior cornu direre from each MW in a cureed manner, «o a» a href="http://www.discountshapeup.com/">Skechers Shape UPS to form in great part the substantia gelatinou. In front of thi there mar be teen, cut acra in lransrer»e Mction, a group of these fclor which turn longitudinally upwards and downward", and afterward pa forward, in part at least, to the anterior cornu, aud in part to reach by the posterior comaiuure the poilerior aud lateral column of the opposite «ide. Other fibre of »ho posterior root pat forward at once through the grey «ubstance to the anterior soil lateral colorant. Skechers Another »et of fibre alanl iirloelpally upward, but tome downwaril, In the poaterior column. and, interlacing with each other, moat probably enter tin) grey muter at different height. Some are loot to view in the posterior white colutnM, and it it uncertain whether or not they immediately ascend through tht»e cohimnt to the brain.Much ditcuuion luu taken place n to the cvsrwe of the fibres In the cord, and their ultimate destination. It la easily understood that by the examination of eecxlooa difficult to prepare, limited In extent, Shape UPS liable to undergo changrn in the preparation, and giving Tiows confined each to little more than a thin lamina, it i scarcely to be expected that the full hittory of many tortuous fibre can be awuratoly ascertained. Thus it remain" still nndecided whether Sketchers Shape UPS any of tho fibre of the oerveroott pa« Shape UP Skechers up all the way to the brain. Yolkmann concluded that none of them reached the brain, arguing from measurement of the ale nf the cord In different regions, that the cord coald not contain In iu upper region all thote nerve-fibrea which were traccable to it in the lower. Kolliker pointed ont the fallacy of thi coeduloQ In »o far a Volkmann had aol made proper allowance for the diminished »lxe of the fibre a they acod in the cord; bot although Volkmano's argument was thereby invalidated, It appear impossible to prove by microscopic observations that fibre of nerve-roots traced into the grey matter, and obeorred to emerge into the white matter, do not again re enter the grey, and terminate there.