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Those two porta have a relation, ono to the othor, vory similar to that which subsists between the cranium and vertebral oolainn : thus, they are continuous structures ; at tho time of their first formation in tho footus they are nearly similar; tho earliest devolopcd distinction consists in the enlarge¬ment of the enoephalon ; and, moreover, tho spinal cord, like the vertebral oolatnn, continue

to present a structure nearly uniform throughout it extent, while tho enoephalon becomes gradually more and more complicated, tonnectire ii«uc it remarkably abaadant, and the MITE fibres particularly tmalL The connective tissue furuvi also a rriiiWuw (proa-sous reticularis), in which the longitudinal nerve fibres are imbedded. Sketchers Shape UPS In the grey matter the connective tiMiie Is atilt more abeodant, more especially in the immediate neighbourhood of the ceulral canal. Much di»;aloii has taken place aj to whether the smallest cell already described are really nervou or bdong to the connective tissue. In the present imperfect state of knowledge of the development of nervous clemenu, it might be nub to express a decided opinion On this ]fial; but it may be stated that, independent of nuclei are figured by Kdlliker in the reticulum, and aUo edit couUining attentat and dividing nuclei in the neighbourhood of tho central canal.Origin thr tftimtl nrr«.—The anterior an 1 posterior roots of the «pinal ncrrc are attached along the sldM of the o»nl in or near the anterior and posterior lateral groove, and opposite to the corresponding oornua of the Skechers grey matter; the poitwlor Shape UPS roott in a straight line, and the anterior roots scattered aomcwlul irregularly opou the surface (Fig. 315).The fibres of the 'inferior roo(j may be traced into and through the anterior eoroua. They then diverse In a href="http://www.discountshapeup.com/">Skechers Shape UPS different directions. The innermost fibres, after pasting through among the cells in the inner group of the anterior oornu, cro» in the white comaitMttro to the anterior column of the opposite side. Many filrca pass backwards in the oubitaiKC of the anterior corau where ume of them would Shape UP Skechers a; .pear (o form connection with fibre proceeding from other piru of the cord, and others to spread obliquely upwanis and downward; while those which are most external, pauaag through the outer group of cells, reach the lateral column. •;mlinc in the anterior (uraua ad th« nno tide tmrli the anterior cmnmlMOni, aM oo the other