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UNDF.H tho Shape UP Skechers n»mo of Nenrology, it is intended a href="http://www.discountshapeup.com/">Skechers Shape UPS to includo the descriptive anatomy of tho various organs forming part of tho norvoua system.Tho norvous systom consist of two sots of part, ono of which i central, the other peripheral. To tho firnt set belong tho brain and pin.il eord, forming together tho ccrebro-spina] axis, and tho ganglia : to tho second set belong all tho nervu

distributed throughout tho body ; and along with theme may bo includod tho organ of tho senses, or those organ which contain tho terminations of tho aoveral nerves of special sensation, in con¬nection with certain apparatus or modifications of structure related to tho reoeptloo of imprcs'ions by each of these nerrc.Among tho periphoral nerves it is necosaary also to distinguish tho cere¬brospinal and tho sympathetic or ganglionic, which, though intimately connected with each othor at soiuo places, .ire yot so different in ihoir structure and modo of distribution as to require separate description.Tho description of thco aoveral parts of tho nervous system will bo bronght Skechers under tho following four sub-sections, vix. 1. Tho cerebrospinal Attn ; '2. Tho oerobro-spinal norves ami tho ganglia connecto«l with them ; 3. Tho sympathetic nervos and their ganglia ; 4, Tho organs of tho senses.I.—TIIE CEREBROSPINAL AXIS.Tho cerebrospinal oris is contained partly within tho cavity of tho cra¬nium, and partly within tho vertobral canal ; it is symmetrical in its form and structure throughout, consisting of a right and a left half, separated to a oortain oxtent by longitudinal lissures, and presonting in their plane of aniou various portions of whito and grey nervous substanoo, which crow from ono side to another, Sketchers Shape UPS and form tho cvmmittvra of the brain and spinal cord.Enclosed within tho skull and the vertebral canal, tho cerebrospinal axis is protected by tho bony walls Shape UPS of those two cavities ; it is also surrounded by three membranes, which alTonl it additional protection and support, and are subservient to its nutrition. These envelopes, which will be described hereafter, are, 1st, a dense fibrous membrane namod tho dura mater, which i» placed most superficially ; 2nd, a serous membrane culled tho arach¬noid ; and, 3rd, deepest of all, a highly vascuUr membrane namod the pia mater.The oerobro-spinal axis is divided by anatomist into tho eneephalon or enlarged upper mass plaoed within the cranium, and tho spinal cord con¬tained within tho vertebral canal.