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When I look at you I see the beauty that you try to hide deep down inside
You keep it lock up because you don't want anybody to see
Because your afraid that they might not see what you see a
Beautiful queen.Well I say you should let it out so the world can see this
Beautiful queen.And if someone was to say something then they don't know what
Beauty mean or just mad beacuse your beauty is more beautiful than what they
Ever seen.You are as beautiful as a clear blue nights sky,
You are as amazing as the way a stone tipples the sea,
You are as unique as a perfect diamond, such beauty like Yours is impossible to find,
you are as beautiful as the sunset 
you like a beautiful butterfly you caught in a net 
that i  don’t want to hurt you
because i don’t want to lose you
you are  so magnificent
you are such a beautiful specimen
you put her in a safe place such as your heart
you just wanna admire the beautiful art
that god desired to make
You are my beautiful,
I could'nt imagine my world without a angel like you
I will love you for a lifetime.
I am truly in LOVE with YOU