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it seems as if just yesterday you were completely mine
i filled your thoughts, your every move and occupied your time
I was your all, you were my joy, our lives were so complete
love was our drug, we were addicted in totality.
but now the addiction has grown deadly therefore release me.

I do not want to yearn for your touch in the middle of the night
I do not want to wander who is holding you ever so tight
i do not want to remember the sweet sound of your labored breaths
of how wonderful it felt lying in your arms after being taken to my depths
or wishing I was lying in your arms, relaxing so peacefully
these thoughts are nothing but painful deadly longings therefore release me

Release me from the knowledge that there is still a spark
Release me from your face that I see behind my eyelids in the dark
Release me from the constant terror of never hearing your voice
or that I am not a priority, not the second or first choice.
Your love is confusing and tantalizing, engulfing me with agony
I cannot do this alone therefore release me.