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Why? Why are you still with me? You know you could do much better! I dont deserve you.You know i'm psycho You know im an idiot Stupid, f*cked up, going knowhere in life But yet your still with me. We both say "I LOVE YOU" We both say "WE ARE GREAT" but yet inside, Im rotten, dead, black, and crying. I hide my sadness With a fake smile I cant take this sh*t anylonger Thats smile...ITS FAKE!! I cry everynight Wishing i was happy Wishing that someday that smile could be real But inside has roptten me away Whenever you think im happy, Thats when im crying inside Because i hurt so badly And i cant get rid of those F*cked up feelings inside!! Submitted by Staci Nailor E-mail: staciboo12@msn.com