Comment to 'Any help appreciated'
  • Girl sounds like your in a pickle. First off don't you dare run away. Then, you would run away from your problems and your love with whoever your with. My opinion, if you've loved this guy for 7 months, then you should have ended your relationship with your guy 7 months ago and it would have been easier for your mom to let him go and him to let you go. If he really loves you he will let you do what your heart says to do. But now that you've been with him this long, I think you should wait for a while to see what happens. Because I thought I was in love with someone for over 3 years. Glad I realized she wasn't all she was up to be. Long story. Anyway, go with your true feelings, whoever that may be with. And don't worry about what other people think. This is between you and your guy. Not your mother. good luck and god bless
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