Comment to 'I Miss You'
Comment to I Miss You
  • Hey... Just wanted to say great job on the poems... Not to go into some big story and waste other peoples time, but... I made the biggest mistake known to man in a relationship that meant the world to me... There's not a thing I wouldn't do to take but what I did, but that just can't be done! I am very inspired by these poems, and I wish something like this would help me, but after the mistake I made... Only time can help me... I'm not saying these aren't good enough, because they are great! But I just cant bring myself to use someone elses thoughts to help my "worthless" self out! I wish it was that easy... Great job on the poems... And to anyone who might know myself or my recent ex... I'm deeply sorry I disrespected any of you... I caused alot of heartache and now a lot of disbelief... And I wish there was something I could do to make this all go away!!! Maybe the fact that I have to live with myself for the rest of my life, knowing I completely screwed up two peoples lives is exactly what I deserve! thanx to any that feel me on this and know what im saying!!! I miss you Kelli!!!
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