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The way you love me, quietly Then the break of soft sighs, your tightening and grasping, wanting more and more of me The way you look at me, you want to never look away, but we both do Your beautiful brown eyes inches away, sometimes with laughter and other times with yearning The way you hold me, pressing tight against my skin, never to leave my arms You rest your head upon my lap as I tickle your arm and run my fingers through your hair The way you smile at me even in my stupidity, never angry, patient You laugh, your smile is sexy, even with the funny little gap between your teeth The way you think you know everything, trying to protect me We argue because of our stubbornness, showing me that I may be wrong The way you make me feel, not only physically in loving ecstasy, but how I feel about myself-this is most important- Never happier, thinking always of you I love myself because of you, even my faults I'm a better person in all ways when I'm with you I never want you to leave me Please don't let anything come between us That is the way you love me
Written by Vanessa
Submitted by Vanessa