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It was never my intention to feel this way. My heart was hence far from the thought of taking me to this place When all I wanted was to be your friend and be there with you to the end I suppose in time life takes us on a journey so far away that to even imagine being away from you is an everlasting hurt. I did my all to help you understand, the way I accidentally fell for you. Now you’re reading this and I am no longer here. I wish there wasn’t such a distance between us because I miss you so very much. It’s very sad to sit here and write something I wish didn't have to be knowing that soon I will be gone so far for good and yet I cannot tell you this. I can’t wait to meet you again even if it’s in the wonderful Heavenly place. To forget you would be tragic, to remember you is hard, to think of you this moment more is piercing against my heart. I pray life takes on a journey unforgotten of. One day our paths may cross but until then o faithful friend remember me as I will you We gained it was not a loss. Denise
Written by Denise
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  • nice poem... i know how does it feel...
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