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I am confused!

How can you say you love me,

but you call a woman from your past baby?

You've even been texting your "baby" while your here with me.

On a count of all of that you have picked your "baby" up and took her home.

But yet you ask me what are we doing? like you really want to b with me.

What i'm saying, by it are you amused?

Would it hurt you if i had someone from my past i called baby?

If i was texting them while I was here with you.

It probably would hurt your feelings, maybe this is true

Only if you felt what I felt I probably would be getting the third degree.

Everything in my body is telling me you and her are still screwing.

Would you be man enough and tell me the truth?

Would the truth be you agreeing with me?

......My heart is not to be abused.....

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