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Eyes open

wide and teary

Wild is the wind

through the branches

of mourning.

Enchanting is the sunset

over a restless sea

Beauty is all I can see.

The sunrise brings ships

through the fog of aberation

and cannons three fold

in deaths celebration.

The thinking man comes

taking thinking delight

but no thoughts at all

to the innocents plight.

Strange are the ways

of self serving cause

and stranger days

for those who play God.

Reason without reason

like thieves in the night

and Greed becomes treason

and justice takes flight.

Repression has ended

for those who stand tall

Agression befriended

by the weak and the small.

Life does not sleep

as self righteous believe

and debts that are reaped

become diseased.

The plan is unfolding

there can be no delay

These cards for the holding

should be thrown away.

The sunset approaches

before the red dawn

over the depths

shallow ships sail upon.