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Trembling in the Shadows weeping

will not protect you

from who you are.

Denial soon to lose it's favour

in the thinning of the veil

Deceit as well will lose it's flavour

Truths spoken unaware.

To Thee Thy Brothers keeper knows

The sacred pact has He declared

To Thee Thy mothers Reeper crows

and still He does not hear.

Blasphemy in words unspoken

and choices not concieved

and frozen still and separate

but not beyond reprieve.

Let that which pass to pass away

Surrender to The ground at hand

Give leave to mindless errant plans

and sorrow not for ignorance;

for it deliver thee into Thine hands.

Love in depths for all I see

and cannot see

Love in heights and Hearts

for Thee and only Thee.

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