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The intellect in all it's glory
pales and fails to tell the story
Look here the depth
Let's play a game
Let's make it simple
Give it a name.

Let's make up words
and call them real
so when they're spelling
we can steal.

Let's scare em plenty
they'll eat it up
and we'll be sailing
while they are stuck.

Let's make some problem
and play our roles
so we can live
in our kings robes.

We'll point our fingers
snicker and sigh
those retched souls
don't live nor die.

We'll make up Gods
invent beliefs
and we'll make good
like bands of thiefs.

But wait, no wait
I didn't know
where is my heart
where did it go?

How did I become this empty husk?
How did I learn not to trust?
and why can I not feel
this thing called Beauty?
My monies good
but my hands..
They are so... dirty.