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I am scared because my mind is going back
to how it use to think.. I think about
Cutting all the time now. Now that he is gone
My boyfriend left for Afghanistan, I feel so alone
and now i am not living with my mom I am living with my
best friend! I dont know what to do anymore.. I feel like the old me
is slowly coming back and i dont know if i can resist the call
of the blade!! HELP!! What do i do??? I see my self sliping back to
my old ways!!!

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  • Hey there, I'm sorry to see this stupid spam on your profile, after such a serious explanation. I hope you are well and have not done anything foolish...please contact me to let me know you are still with us, Sincerely Nao_fajmal
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    • yes i am here just stressed :(
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    • i know this feeling after everything i went through i was always depressed and un happy then i was all good i was perfect now i feel the depression slipping its way back to me last night i really wanted to cut but said no
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