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Thinking bout' the times we shared together...

Remember how we talk all night while looking at the stars?

Remember how as one we stood strong through the good and bad times?

But then we departed and yes at that time it left my heart and soul wit scars..

I thought if I forgot bout' the good times we shared together all the scars would go away.

But once my stomach begun to grow memories came raining down on me..

Then on May 21st, 2008 seeing and holding our son brought all those old memories right back.

Remembering how you would make me laugh,

Remembering the day you wouldn't let me leave,

Remembering the first time you cried in front of me,

And how we used to play those silly and fun games.

Deep down I do want that fairy tale story we talked bout that night.

And deep down I miss you making me laugh even when you got on my last nerves.

But I know that we could never last another chance you still put scar's on my heart by never seeing our child for the first time.

He will be two soon and he doesn't know what his father really look's like..

You did some really hurtful things before but not being apart of your son's life that's the worst in my eyes...

Right now you may think you still got time to catch up but I think you should have been already up to speed.