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I'm a broken girl masked by a pretty face. I've shed my tears and I've slept my share of restless nights. I've screamed out with no response and I've fallen with no lending hand. I've found my footing again and again, but soon enough I always get knocked back down. My stomach lurches and my tongue goes dry without food at times when my self-consciousness gets the best of me. My arms and thighs are scared from helplessness. But here I stand, facing the world that will be my end. I plaster on a smile, greeting the days demons that come to destroy me, holding on to the only thing that can keep me alive now. God. I close my eyes, pray my prayers. And have faith that he will get me through this in one piece once again.

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    • This is poignantly touching. Well written piece. The spontaneity can be seen in the flow of such powerful feeling with a plaintive undertone. I was touch beyond description. I wish I could lend a helping hand and a hug. I know what I am talking about. He who feels it knows it. The world is indeed cold out there.
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