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I live to see the moon rise and fall, but it has not been lovely to me at all,
The rainbow surrounded me today, untill your memory took it away.
I began to smile once I think and then your faceĀ appeared in each blink.
Pretty flowers outside my door can not bare beauty to me anymore.
A new sun shines each dreary day and you are notĀ  here to ease the pain.
You have stolen the magic from my world, and taken it with you, while I live a storm.
Raging waters and bright shooting stars can not take the bond within my heart.
My soul has no peace, I will linger in tears. Untill I see you and hold you near.

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  • I wish I could write words as beautifully as you have here - my heart feels your words - and my eyes fill with tears
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    • that is very pretty
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