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A woeful scream piercing the darkness unheard

A soul ripped away with the sound of tearing flesh

An empty space  cold and dark

No tears for the non existant

A shell of bone and flesh walking to the grave

The darkness calls

No fight no fear

Death is the sanctuary
The end is peace. 

    • Nobody should have to feel that way. It feels somehow like a cry for help.
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      • Well actually morninglight it is, its the screams of a rape victim and how she feels just after the violation. rape can make a women feel cold, empty and just want to die. I just thank god that there is help out there these days unlike when it happened to my aunt back in the 60's and she had to just hush up because they used to blame the women back then. My aunt spent many years in and out of the mental ward because of the rape, the rape resulted in a pregnancy, she gave that baby up for adoption and still it did not help her heal, she (the baby) came back into my aunts life about 15 years ago and it was only then that my aunt started to truly heal. the hole left in my aunts soul was filled by realizing that something good came out of that violent act...my cousin Marina.
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        • sad to know what had happen to your aunt in 60's... sometimes we are questioning the imbalance in our lives when something bad happen to us..we do ask for reason which somehow unable to explain to us.. then again...when our querries still unanswered.... ..when hope began to diminish... ..when we feel weak after what happen... God is always there.....He never abandoned us...He is so good to your Aunt that after a traumatic tragedy..a healing process come next in the form of her baby...that somehow plays a vital role to make your aunt whole again...
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