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She Cries all alone
there is no one here
to hold her close
and calm her fear

She hides in the dark
so she can't be seen
from all of the hurt
in the past there has been

She trembles in fear
the problem the same
no one will help her
it is her they will blame

She dies from within
a little each day
so within her own mind
is where she will stay.

    • Very nice poem .. i hope we learn one day from your poem and hold all those dear to us close and look at there positives instead of there faults.. let us all reach out and help a fellow human and feed them with positives and hugs so no one has to hide within anymore! And tell those that will not are can not help we love them but we will go on and find a true friend one that will see us and listen to us and let those that will not are can not be a real friend see what they missed a precious jewel of a friend a husband a wife ,a brother, a sister, a child of this life because they have not look at us from within....
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