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I’ve never felt this way before,

A feeling of total self bliss.

Wanting you day by day,

Just to feel your sweet and warm kiss.

I want you in many ways,

People will never understand.

But I do not care what they think,

Because all I care is to hold your hand.

To one distant day,

That I will never regret.

Feeling you close to me,

Feelings I will never forget.

Oh God help me,

It feels like I am falling.

I can’t take this pain anymore,

For all I am doing is crawling.

I will take this risk,

For I do not understand.

One day to realize,

That this is not what I planned.

I am falling into darkness,

Yet a light of hope still remains

I cannot stop falling and falling,

Yet there is still no bloodstain.

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  • Absolutely beautiful!
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    • Thanks, hope this gives a little insight on my life
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      • i LOVE IT.!!!! Its beautiful.!
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        • Wow, like it a lot.
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          • aY k lINdo..its aWsoME..mE eNCantA!!!...^_^...
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