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In the silence of the night,

Feeling you here with me.

Holding my breath in twilight skies,

Feeling so helpless and praying to see.


In many thoughts I would think,

You would see through my imperfections.

Hoping that you would really see,

The beauty in my eyes reflection.


Why am I not enough for you?

Is it me who should be to blame?

Many say that it is you all along,

Then why do I feel this shame?


I always wanted something real,

At least I thought you would try.

I tried so hard to hold it in,

But I couldn’t help to fall and cry.


What darkness has taken me?

For all I feel is your touch,

Seeing the world through jaded eyes,

Realizing that I can only do so much.



Darkness overcomes my heart,

As the moon light shines on my face

What can you do to mend my soul?

When all I see is your disgrace.


All that is left is Twilight Skies,

One true hope that is vaguely fare,

I will try and hold on,

From what seems like Eternal Despair. 


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  • thanks :)
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    • You have a gift sir, I once felt like you a long time ago.
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      • Yes I believe it's a universal feeling :)
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        • I must say I am extremely moved by this...it is a universal feeling alright. One that we experience to much in life. Excellent job, I love it!
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          • Thanks :)
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