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What will you do
When i find someone new
What will you do
When you find i no longer only want you
How will you feel
When you learn you cant steal
Take me from him, how will you deal
You'll have HER its true
But what will you do
When you realize my heart belongs to more than just you
You'll leave her is what you'll do
Come to me and beg for me to forgive you
To take you back despite what you put me through
But what will you do
If he's who i choose
Not because i love him more
But because of all you put me through
What will you do?

  • we care for them.. and they care for us.. but you know something.. if we do not show it.. may be it may help... but if we show some care.. they think that we still in loved... i guesss just no care any more.. you know.. may b everything will go away.. with time... i hope...
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