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Deep down, I still love you,
It hurts to think back.
My tears still fall,
Pain still serves to attack.

In ways, I hate you,
I wish you were here.
The emptiness you left,
Refuses to disappear.

You killed my silently,
I cried for so long.
It still cuts like a knife,
You're where I belong.

I'll never love anyone,
Like I love you.
You're the only one I want,
You know that it's true.

You left me torn,
In so many ways.
I felt so sick,
Couldn't eat for days.

I felt so violated,
So god damn used.
Baby, you know it,
You left my heart bruised.

But time has passed,
Yes, the hurt is still there.
Even after all you did,
I still really care.

But although you hurt me,
And I've struggled to get through.
I just can't deny it,
Baby, I love you.

  • how can we move on.. by runing away from.. them.. trust me...it has work so far.. but some times it they catch up with us... dang..it....
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