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When I first met you,
I thought it was a stupid game.
But the more I grew to know you,
The more obvious it became..

Many would think,
That what we had was immature,
But the more I thought about it,
The more it made me insecure.

In my eyes you were a star,
So radiant and so bright.
Which over time I began to see,
That things were never even right.

One thing is for sure,
That loving you would be a mortal sin.
my feelings for you have never changed,
If I could, I would sacrifice everything.

I gave you my all,
I tried to be the One.
But I can see now,
That to you, I was just someone.

As the wind blows through the tree's,
As I fly in the air like a dove.
I know that I am flirting with fire,
Guess that's why they call it forbidden love.

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  • awww i like that..and fyi this is different person than the other justins_gurl
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    • haha its all good :)
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