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It was you..........

It was you who broke my heart in two.
I wonder was your heart and soul ever true?
Was loving me really hard for you to do.

The reason for these wall, it was you...

Now I keep my heart hidden from you
By steel and strong walls so you can't see through.
I guess love was something you never knew.
Lies after lies is all you could do.

Something that grew in my heart, it was you...

Pain and sorrow in my heart is all that grew.
Sitting at home looking out my rare view,
Wonder one day will i ever meet someone new
Who's soul will be sweet and true.....

With you unconditional love is all I knew, its was you..

I bet you never knew how much I did love you.
There was so many signs and that one clue,
To you I was never untrue.

It was you, it was you......

  • Wow thats good ;)
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    • thanks...
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      • Remember that with sorrow comes joy, that with pain comes healing, that with sadness comes happiness, that with darkness comes light. Always remember we cannot truly love until we have lost love and that which does not kill us makes us stronger. You are a very attractive women, and I mean that with the utmost respect, and the right man is out there for you. Remember love happens when we least expect it.
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        • and you are so right bout that.. i think i have found my love.. and thank you for the comment i truely thank you for reading and showing interest in my writing..
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