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Me, I wanted to beloved..
You, love was something you couldn't dream of...
Me, it was you always on my mind..
You, I was always left behind.
Me, you was my prince.
You, sex is all you seen for you to see different I couldn't convince.
Me, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you
You, wanted someone new.
Me, I wanted you around all the time.
You, didn't even want to be mine
Me, so I told you I would leave.
You, just wouldn't believe.

Now it's been three months and you haven't seen me since....

You, say love is what you want and this time your convinced..
Me, I say I'm done the love for you is finished..
You, say give you another chance you know what you want...
Me, I say boy you don't know so don't front..
You, say you want to be my man and not my friend...
Me, I say you can't be my man without being my friend what can't you comprehend..
You, say you was scared back then...
Me, I say so what now I'm suppose to give you my love again...?
You, say yes we can work it out...
Me, I say that's something I strongly doubt...

  • .....i like it!!!!!! A story that everybody can relate.....
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    • I can definatly :) Ur a very talented writer/poet Keep it up :) x
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      • I will and thank you for your advice..
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