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Every day I try really hard
To get  his attention,
But no matter what i do,
I'm left with that same question...

Does he notice me?

When I look a t him I see
An attractive, quiet guy.
I can't help but wonder
And ask myself with a sigh...

When he looks at me, what does he see?

I'm so excited when I see him
And I'm determined to say "HI."
But somehow I get nervous
And the chance passes me by.

How many chances do I get?

I sit and daydream about
The life we could have together.
If only he knew I existed,
Then he could be mine forever.

When will my dreams come true?

Just one little kiss
Is all I would need
To ease the hurt
In a heart that bleeds.

Will I ever get that  kiss?

Every night I wish
That someday he'd be mine
I guess I'm just waiting
For god to give me a sign.

Will he ever be mine?

  • yeah! if u walk to him and say hi! Its marvelous
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    • this is a really good one :) i love it its not always that simple 2 walk up 2 someone n say hi well done :D x
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