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She falls to her knees crying,

She doesn’t want him to go

He is the only thing holding her together,

He is the reason she hasn’t broken down

They were once happy together,

They were the perfect couple

Until things went wrong

Until he started relying on seeing her every weekend…


As the rain falls

So do her tears

As the lightning strikes

Her pain strikes even harder

As the thunder sounds

She screams out in agony

Just wishing he would come home


Her heart is breaking

She couldn’t take the pain anymore

All of his anger; she couldn’t take it

Nights where she waited for him to call

She wanted to give up loving him

But for some reason, her heart wouldn’t let her

She needed


The truth be told

Everyone knows, in some way, love hurts

But no one knows why

She knew about this

But she didn’t think he would do this

She had no reason to believe

No doubt she will break down now

It’s just a matter of time

Her heart is now broken

She doesn’t think it could be mended

Until he…came along…



He is the kindest friend in the world

He makes her smile when she’s down

He holds her when she cries

He says he loves her when she needs to hear it most

He talks her through everything

He is now the reason she doesn’t break down

He is now the only thing holding her together now

They would be the perfect couple

But he doesn’t want to hurt her

She just can’t seem to show him she needs him

She can’t tell him she loves him

She tries to show him but he looks past it

Why won’t he realize how much she needs him?

Why won’t she show him what he needs to see?

Why won’t they ever be?…


The answer to those questions is because they are both scared to see the outcome…

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