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You came into my life without knowing what was going on You greated me with a smile You took me by the hand and walked me through life you made me see how beautiful it can be You made me realize that I wasnt alone in the world that Im not the only one that cries at night that hurts inside I once lost my smile and my laughter In my head my life was over I no longer wanted to live But there you were standing in front of me with my smile in your hands You somehow found my smile and you brought back my laughter You turned my frown upside down And I soon became me again Me, the girl who smiled at everything Me, the girl who laughed with joy I was me again If it wasn't for you I'd be down I would of been the girl I once was a long time ago The girl who was always depressed who hated life But I'm not I'm Christina I'm me Thank you for saving me.

Written by Christinaa
Submitted by Christinaa

  • your very tallented well done all your poems are very good bye bye
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    • very very good peice of writing
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