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Dear Ex-Lover, How have you been? Is everything okay? Is everything alright? What have you been up too? Hello, are you there? We'll I've been thinking about you. I always think about you. I miss you. Ever since you went away everything came crashing down. Everything went downhill. You're always on my mind. I keep thinking about you. Do you think of me sometimes? Do I ever come across your mind? Do you ever think about what I'm doing or with who I am? Do you ever wonder if I still cry? Do you ever wonder if I hurt myself? If you were so worried about me like you said you were, why didn't you call me? Why didn't you call me and see how I was doing? Why didn't you just tell me you didn't give a f*ck instead of lying to me? You said that we're friends, but friends call eachother. You never called me back. From all girls, from all boys, from all people, why did we have to meet and fall in love if in the end you would break up? Out of all people it was me. Why couldn't you meet someone else and break someone else's heart. Why mine? Why is it always me left heartbroken? Why do they always leave me? Am I not worth loving? Tell me. Hello, are you listening to me? You broke my heart. You don't seem to understand. I thought I was dreaming when you told me that you no longer wanted to be with me. But I wasn't, because the next morning I woke up. I woke up with this pain in my heart, tears in my eyes and scars on my wrist. It's so hard for me to let go and move on. We're no longer together. And yet, I dont seem to understand why. How can it be? I realized that everything has an expiration date so I guess your love for me expired. It had to end. Your love for me had to die. All good things eventually come to an end* I never wished for this to happen. Hello ?!! Are you listening to a word I'm saying? Hello? Oh, of course not cause I'm alone..once again. There goes another that kept me breathing.

Written by Christinaa
Submitted by Christinaa

  • I love the poem I just had the same thing happen to me it very touching and understandable I hope you stay around friends even if you dont it helps be safe and you will find the right person for you. have a good day
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    • Damn, I can relate... I didn't go as far though, I didn't create my own scars. Why? because there's guys that aren't worth it. He hurt me... why would I hurt myself. Stay strong gurl, time will help heal. Take care
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