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She’s a little too crazy, A little too obscene. She knows how to dance, And she follows her dream.When she laughs, It fills up the room. When she beats the boys, It gets them confused. She knows what’s wrong, She knows what’s right... She knows who she is, and she knows how to fight. She believes in love, Though it hasn't been too nice. She believes in herself, Because she knows she has no price. She has a smile that can break the world, She doesn't even realize she’s a one of a kind girl. (Now the secrets) She realizes her mistakes And thinks it makes her cheap She’s gotten high And now she’s in too deep She’s flown away somewhere unknown she’s lost, afraid She’s crying alone She’s gone away to a world of sin Time has left And she doesn’t know where it’s been I tell her it’s okay I tell her it’s all right I tell her it'll all go away I tell her she’s not too far away from the light I tell her I love her I tell her she’s beautiful And that if she trusts herself Everything will be fine I tell her God loves her, and will be with her all the time.

Written by KiNk0*
Submitted by KiNk0*