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You wave goodbye, and leap into your car You smile and kiss me Promising you won't ever be too farIt'll be a long trip we won't be able to see each other you lie and say we'll find a way we will always need one another It starts to rain And you say you have to leave On the outside I smile On the inside I scream you hold my hand Shed a small tear I hold mine in trying not to think that you won't be here... (Anymore) You tell me you love me you swear it won't be too long but we both know the truth and were both very wrong You tell me you'll miss me And to keep in touch You tell me you need me and you love me very much I can't help but let go And I start to cry I fight to hold it in but it’s too difficult to try you hold me and promise me We'll always be together you kiss me and smother me and say you'll love me forever then you start the car and I find myself hollow and broken You wipe my tears and with your eyes you say the words unspoken I nod and watch as you drive away I stand there on the street alone And try so hard, to forget all that happened today.

Written by KiNk0*
Submitted by KiNk0*

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