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I try and try to get you bak But theres always something that I lack Love or Hate I'm so confused My heart so broken, so badly bruised You touch my fingertips for the last time Why do you act like it a crime To love someone to care so much I just wish I could feel you'r touch But, I need to kno is this love or hate Tell me before it's too late
Written by Bri
Submitted by Bri
    • I know exactly what ur going through and I can see and feel ur pain through ur words. only if we knew what the future holds for us exspecially when it comes to that one true love. is it real love or is it fake? we will never know...but holding on to him is just as hard as letting go...ive been waiting for 6 months for my ex to come back to me. I now am choosing to date and to try to get over him. I know that I will never stop loving him, our love lasts a lifetime but I realized that I cant wait a lifetime for him to back to me. waitng is never good girl! try moving on...u never know, maybe he will come back to u...u never know! xoxo brokenheart
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