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Short and sweet is all she is but in my mind shes is the heat that sets my flame in many ways she is the key to no door but my mind that puts me on my knee she thinks shes not special indeed but yet I think different and proceed she tells me all that is in her mind and I'm hoping to help her find what it is she needs in life I'm hoping that its not a knife to get rid of her past hoping shes doesnt come in last with the crap shes been through she needs someone new to make her smile and not cry and sit there and ask why shes the sweetest girl I've ever met and she is one that I will let tell me all and listen and talk and then even if shes likes we can walk shes special in all ways possible in all ways and if she will sit and listen I'm sure she will stay on this topic she sits and waits to hear those few words I love you dear not from me but from her past and I'm wishing that it would of last I wish her well and on her way to happiness where ever it lay
Written by james jones
Submitted by james jones