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what happened? what went wrong?you said you will always love i guess that was all a lie i loved you with all my heart and it felt pureit turns out i was wrong but thanx for the memories that will now kill mei hate you but whenever i'm next to you the pain fades away to happiness but when your gone again i feel empty..when you first said U LOVE ME i was the happiest person alivewhen you kissed me i could have fainted coz you left me breathlessi loved your sweet taste and i felt lucky when your soft gentle lips were pressed against mine.sweet times when we rolled around grass in our garden and for 3 hours all we did was kiss til both our lips turned cherry redbut i guess you were a mistake because now you've changed alot and it turned out you were just another player  and your not worth one tear drop for the pain i went thought because of you..but i can't get you out of my mind and when i close my eyes you pop in my mind it drives me crazy but i'll live and my broken heart will beat again.


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