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Why do I exist. 16 years old…what does that really mean. No one in the world really cares. I get showered with gift and I didn’t even do anything. I am praised because of something my parents did. Why is a birthday special. It just lets you realize that you’re a day closer to death. It lets you see how in 16 years, or 5844 days I have accomplished nothing. What do I have to show for myself. I still live with my parents, im still in school, I never did anything really exciting in life. My life is just a quick route from a to b. a being birth to b being death. Its just another day closer I am to my death, why is it celebrated. Yay I'm wasting my life, I have 1 less day to live my life than yesterday. I get congratulations and hi fives and the whole act but no one really cares. They could care less about me. They only go through the motions because its been instilled in them. Why is it we celebrate birthdays. Everyone has one and it comes once a year. Its nothing special. Every one at a party is all happy for you but they don't care. They only came because they would lose a benefit somehow if they didn't. I don't want a bunch of fake people telling me congratulations for something I had no control over. I want it to be just another regular day. Saying its my birthday won't make it any more special16 years old and my best years are ahead of me. Who ever came up with that is an idiot. My days of innocence are gone, no one trust me, no one likes me. How can it get better. My best days are behind me…and they weren't even that great.

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    • my friend.. you are just starting life.. thank God coz you are full of life..and full of joy and full of people that loves you.. and please never forget the kid you are or were.. sometimes we need that kindness.. that innocence.. in the furute..good luck and happy birthday.. amigo.
      • Hunny Life just started for you....give it time you got to work hard in skoool to become something, you still got a lot of time....you got geratuation...marrige...kids and all that coming toward you.....never look at a birthday as a death look as it as another year till your wishes and dreams come true
        • i agree with you that a birthday is really just another year gone and that you get closer to death
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