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This year with the autumn coming the open sensuality and defiant luxury is dominant not only in fashion, as for clothing but, first of all, in hairstyles. Further you will be introduced to three main trends. First, today the hot brunette has come to take the place of a stunning blonde. So, the brandy, red, chestnut and coffee colored hair and ringlets hanging loose down the shoulders are back in style. You are lucky enough to have a natural volume and curly hair. Just apply a mousse or cream to wet hair before it will dry and slick your bang back (if you have). As for the rest of hair you can divide it into sections or strands and give wavy look to them.hairstyles The less successful those, who have naturally straight, fine and hard-to-manage hair. But don’t despair! You are recommended to use large curlers or fixing and setting products. Be sure to apply a little amount of fixing product at roots to avoid getting the undesired heavy look of your style. And well you will have a beautiful and fluffy hair-do. Second, the various knots are very popular again. They can be both negligent, created in a hurry and complex, made of different braids. Be sure, that it’s better to avoid decorative accessories. You can add such hair pieces to your hair-do as clips or invisible hair pins. For exam, the hair-do will look highly effective if you separate a part of hair for bang and the rest of hair can be slicked back. Make your hair two parted gathering it that meets at crown into two knots. Draw a thin strand of every knots. Braid every strands and place them wrapping around the base of knots (invisible hair pins are used to secure the hair ends). Next, you can draw other thin strands of knots and apply a little amount of hair wax to them. After that, place your bang behind your ears and add a touch of spray to your hair-do. Third, the various tails are in style for today, placing up on top of the crown, or down at the nape, formal and prom, slicked smoothly and with strands out. Some women think that only two type of tails can be created. They are ponytail dressed up to the top and classic tail placed at the nape. But if you have a rich fantasy you are offered to experiment variety of styles and create something new. hair styles For exam, gather all hair over the center and make several small tails starting at the forehead and ending at the nape. The ends of tails can be dressed up in “fountains”, falling below into two sides from the center. Separate a small strand off first tail and wrap it around the band. The small end of strand can be secured with invisible hair pin. Use the hair wax to pick out several strands and add some spray to your hairstyle. If you apply the hair ink to the strands you will get multi-colored “fountains”. One more interesting exam: separate thin bang and slick the rest of hair back. Then divide your hair into two parts over a horizontal line of your nape: upper and lower. The upper part of hair can be dressed up in several small tails and placed around your head. The lower part of hair can be combed and the ends are brushed up. Remember to use a spray. If you wear a simple square hair-do and you are with naturally dark-colored hair then this seemingly usual hairstyle can be changed into “something special” attracted looks. Just, gather your hair into two small tails at different height. Here, the ends and bang colored in copper, red will look amazing! What women don’t invent to look especially great and beautiful! The representatives of weaker half of mankind resort even to such tricks as to use the chopsticks for their hairstyle. With the help of chopsticks you can create unique and original look. Before you create this great style, you should wash your hair and dry them a little with a hot blow drier. Then your hair should be twisted in tight knot and secured with chopstick. When hair gets cold you can let them down without combing but only shaking them up. As a result, you will get a beautiful hair-do with volume locks. Also, you can make different types of braids. The stylists especially advise to use the braids in various hairstyles from simple to very complex. Today, when many people take a great interest in ethnostyle, the different interweaving of hair is very popular. On the other hand, if you start growing hair you will be comfortable to wear it braided. The unmanageable growing hair strands can be braided and set neatly. So, in this case, such style will fit you best and will look great. Today, stylists offer to dress up braids by various mat ribbons such as laces or strings. hairstyleIf you’d like to refresh your hair-do without scissors you’re offered to experiment with color. For exam, if you are blonde you can provide yourself with two or three tubes of multi-colored ink. You can color several strands and braid them with each other. If you are with naturally red hair, you can color the hair ends in black. It will give a unique look to your hair-do and will fit especially to perky persons. Light brown hair will look more effective if they are highlighted a bit and the strands around the face are strongly lightened. Brunettes are advised to apply to hair three thin borders with the help of silver or gold hair ink. All of these great hairstyles can be created by your own hands. Don’t forget to use your imagination and fantasy like many stylists offering new trends for the coming seasons.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood

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