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Modern couturiers, while creating a new image, have to realize their ideas not just into dresses, which are the beginning of everything, but into intricate hairdos as well because it is not possible to create any image without them. Dresses and hairdos often supplement each other very well and become almost inseparable.hairstyles catwalk Young, unknown but awfully talented and experienced, popular hair stylists work in cooperation with modern couturiers. This is the whole army of professionals able to destroy a hairdo and to create a new hit instead of the old one. You certainly understand that models are also different: some of them are ready for periodical changes even during the same fashion show and others, Claudia Shiffer for example, refuse any hairdo changes flatly. hairstyle catwalk Almost the same situation with short haircuts – if you have a short haircut you won’t get your hair long for a short time. And if you want long hair immediately you will have to lengthen it, tease, change color… Every master has his own secrets and sometimes ideas may come to mind during the fashion show. Stylists like true artists sculpt their models, following inspiration. New ideas of hairdos are often born on the catwalk. Then they are caught by other masters, they finish them off and present these ideas as a fruit of their own fantasy. High fashion means fashion, hairdressers hold their own show – mastery show. Image portfolios of dressmakers and hairdos makers are different, in the first case dress is accentuated, in the second case hair is. But the first thing doesn’t exclude another one - they exist together. haircuts catwalk Rough competition in fashion business makes even experienced masters increase their qualification, take over others’ ideas, spy on some others’ secrets. Thank to this competition we have what we have. Different modern courses are bound together bearing wonderful and incredible things. Written by Trisha Wood Submitted by Trisha Wood

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