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hairstyleAs soon as the spring has come we necessarily try to renew our appearance by dint of some original ideas; we want to look in a new fashion: glittering, shining, sparkling and enjoying of that. Indeed, spring sunny rays cheer up and arouse in a woman her concealed talents. So, if you are bored to death and want to amaze your beloved one, immediately get down to work. Doubtless, changing of haircut or hair-color will be the most blazing and bright turn in your look. It is not a secret that in wintertime hair gets lackluster and languid. But it can be revived and imparted with magnificent iridescent brilliance by means of toning and highlighting. And at this point ambassadresses of the fair sex might come up with a question if they should prefer thick highlighting or decolorize solely single locks. Every type of highlighting has its own advantages. For instance, if you want to turn into blonde out of brown-haired but do not take a risk of complete decolorizing, use dense highlighting. haighlighting, hair styleIn case of longing to make your hairdo interesting and expressive you should resort to partial highlighting ( color only 3-6 locks), which, without radical alteration of your appearance, will definitely impart a splendid look to it. But if you wish to turn your head into the true work of art opt for opt in several tones (usually from 2 to 5)- in general, the more colors the more interesting you look. For example, bright and spectacular image can be created by combining red locks with ginger ones on the background of dark hair. And intensity and expressiveness of your hairdo might be provided by the color conversion: from dark roots to platinum tips. For women with fair- or light brown hair optimum alternative might be highlighting so-called ”magi mash” – with the help of such method you will clarify the locks of one color by 3-4 tints. For short haircut we can advise “veil”- a method when just hair tips get stained. It springs up an effect as if the hair is illuminated with light. For dark-haired we would advice to make “Golden threads” kind of highlighting. Here, only very thin locks are to be clarified to golden hue. However, to make the hairdo look nobly, the clarified locks should not be done densely. pearly haighlighting, hairstyleIf you can afford, we recommend you to take advantage of nacreous coloring. Take our words; the invested money will live up to your expectations. Special dye will let achieve the effect of playing pearly locks. Depending on lighting, the hair will be shot s with pastel pink sometime, sometimes with beige, sometimes with lilac. Touching on hair color spectrum, it should be pointed out that all the tints of chestnut with accents of snuff-color, colors of fuchsia and eggplant, as well as blonde with hues of champagne and honey were awarded as leaders of Spring 2005. The contrast, giving the feeling of freshness is also fashionable today. But you shouldn’t think it is necessary to color the hair in radically white or black – it is enough to apply luminous tones of orange and copper on several locks. Nowadays, color mixing has become fashionable as well – it is when, for instance, chestnut spills over into nut- and honey-color with slight reference to terracotta or even ochre. The game with tints of violet will be very interesting, where the main emphasis is on separate locks: on the general background they are singled out with more delicate lilac color. By the way, if you like to experiment on you appearance, changing the hair color very often, you don’t have to buy permanent colors – all the temporary colorants will definitely be right for you. They won’t cause damage to your hair, but treat it, providing with glitter. Moreover, with the help of temporary colorants you can give free play to your imagination and experiment with them as much as you like. You know, such colorants “slip off” from the hair after you wash it 6 or 8 times. Thereafter you will have the scope for creative work. Of course, to change the color radically, you would better make a haircut first, and then match the color, which will go with your style and image. At this rate, the new original combination is skewness and daring color gamut in violet tones. hair styles with bangsBangs will be an obligatory element of modern hairdo – it is to be thick, short and splay on one side. Short haircuts will attract attention to your appearance as well. Being a curly-headed you should know, that curls have always been in fashion, and this season they will remain the same. But for the sake of unbending them, you can make a hairdo with the help of special means, since it is not a problem today. So, bring yourself to the boldest experiments. It is worth playing with radical variants of haircuts. Let them contain sharp lines, torn edges or skew fringe – all the innovations will be welcome this spring. Therefore, model your hairdo and every time try to look differently. Having conducted such cardinal changes with your hair, you are supposed to feel like a queen. Festive illumination of you hair will harmoniously call up with bright spring sun and not totally melted snow, compelling the rapturous glances of men and dazzling the envious rest of womankind. Written by Trisha Wood Submitted by Trisha Wood

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