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My heart aches instantly and it wont stop not even for a split second. I'm losing my mind seriously, i thought i knew who i could trust but i was foled, foled real good. You think you know who your true friends are but it come crashing down like no tomorrow and you are faced with hurt and confusion. You ask yourself when is it going to get easy well thats a question i havent found an answer to. It's not meant to be this hard surroundings of darkness and not a light to direct you to a new door. God why me, after all ive been through already why are you making me go through more bad shit. After all ive been through already in only 18 years. I didnt think it was possible to get any worst but i was foled wasnt i god.
I know why, i know why your throwing more obsticals at me while im already on the ground trying to get up still from the last one. Its because you like to see me struggle and cry and scream, you like to see me in so much pain just so i have no choice but to give up completely and leave this crewl world for good.
What have i done so wrong to deserve all this, im only 18 and hate everything already, when ever im just thinking that everythings getting better and theres a brighter day to be lived you push me back down in darkness. I only wont 2 answer i want you to tell me what ive done so wrong to deserve all this?? and, is it going to get any easier??

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