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.It takes few seconds to say I love you ,it takes few minutes to explain it ,but it takes a life time to prove it .sometime the person who try to prove it ,never got any support from their partners .in that condition to prove that “your love is true “is really impossible .the god also try to test them by creating pressure and lots of problems on them from all sides , but the world knows that “the true love for anyone can tolerate all pressures and problems , but it is also true that “true lovers never got success to be a couple . There are lots of examples are there in our history. This story is about a boy who loves a girl, the girl also loves him , but today the girl hate him so much that she didn’t want to listen his name ,

There was a boy whose name was suman .when he was 7 year’s old his parent’s send him to his uncle for study .he lived 8 year’s with his uncle without any content with his parent’s .when he was in class 8 he don’t know how his father and mother looks like .every year on raksha bandhan he fells sad by seeing rakhi on others hand .his uncle [suman called his uncle by saying pa mama, his uncle name was gopal]tried his best to fulfill the place of his parents .

When he was 15 year’s old he returns back to his parent’s .he was happy because he thought that ‘now he got his family.

When he was in class 10, he fall in love with a girl named shivani, but he never want to express his feelings, one day shivani herself express her feelings in to suman .he was totally shocked by listening all these words from her, by listening all these words his brain stopped thinking for a second and he also don’t know why he accepted her proposal

He knows that one day she will go from here and he didn’t want that she will fell sad or unhappy after the posting of her father, he tried many times to explain these things in front of her ,but she didn’t want to understand these words ,whenever he tries to explain it ,she say only a single sentence that ‘first love is impossible to forget ‘it was totally right because whenever he say these words ,he fell that a sharp thing hurtinghis heart ,but by hurting himself he tried many to explain her .

One day when he got news that her father got his posting letter, then suman thought that it’s a last chance to erase his from shivani’s heart, he tried to prove that he is belonged to a loose character, to prove this he take help from a girl named Dona .firstly she refused to help by saying that ‘what you will got from these activity ? At the last Dona was ready to help suman .after that by the help of Dona, he proved that he is a loose character boy in front of shivani.

Dona though that whatever she has done was not right because she knows that this will effect both future .that’s why she told all truth to shivani after listing Dona, shivani knows that whatever suman has done was just drama, she also knows that, he had done all for me.

On 4 June 2009 both meted last time ,during that last meeting ,he said many times that ‘please trust on me ,I will come Punjab in future ‘,but she said nothing on that topic ,he was shocked when he felled that she was not serious on his words ,

On 7 June he went to station to drop her family, on that day he fells that “sometime in life crying is easier than smiling “.

He didn’t know what will happen in future, he only knows that “he has to fulfill his promise that he had given to shivani.

After few days his trust on her was lost ,when he didn’t got any messages from her ,he send many messages and also tried to call her ,but he found that she has changed his number ,because whenever he tried to call her .he always found that his cell is switch off

After, that he found himself effortless because he can’t do anything, the only thing that he can do is just waiting for her call And from 18 months he is just waiting for her call.


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